Swedenborgs utgivelser

År Publisert av Swedenborg Publisert posthumt
1709 Selected Sentences
1716 Daedalus Hyperboreus
1718 On Finding Longitude
1719 On Tremulation
1721 Principles of Natural Things
1734 Philosophical and Mineralogical Works

  1. Principia
  2. Iron
  3. Copper

The Final Cause of Creation

1739 Journeys 1710-1739
1740-42 The Economy of the Kingdom of the Soul The Brain
Rational Psychology
1744 The Kingdom of the Soul Hieroglyphic Key
1745 The Worship and Love of God
1746-47 The Word Explained; Index Biblicus
1748 The Spiritual Diary 1748-1767
1749-56 Arcana Caelestia Miracles
1757 Apocalypse Explained (1757-9)
1758 Earths in the Universe
Heaven and Hell
The Last Judgement
The New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine
The White Horse
1759 Athanasian Creed
1760 The Lord
1761 Prophets and PsalmsThe Sacred Scripture or Word of the Lord, from Experience
1762 Precepts of the Decalogue
The Last Judgement
The Divine Love
1763 Doctrine of the New Jerusalem concerning the Lord
Doctrine of the New Jerusalem concerning the Sacred Scripture
Doctrine of Life for the New Jerusalem
Doctrine of the New Jerusalem concerning Faith
Continuation of the Last Judgement
Divine Love and Wisdom
The Divine Wisdom
1764 Divine Providence
1766 The Apocalypse Revealed Conversations with Angels
Five Memorable Relations
1768 Conjugial Love
1769 Brief Exposition Canons of the New Church
Interaction of Soul and Body Index to Scripture ConfirmationsFormula Concordiae
Ecclesiastical History of New Church
Drafts of the True Christian Religion
1771 The True Christian Religion Nine Questions
Reply to Ernesti
Consummation of the Age and Invitation to the New Church
Fragment on Miracles